Monday, August 15, 2016

Making of a Yearbook Theme

Choosing a theme and creating a yearbook cover can be the most rewarding part of yearbook and the most challenging. Remember to take your time and exhaust all options before finalizing your decision because you will have to live with it and develop it all year.

Here is a a video on what it took for Libertyville High School to come up with their theme and cover for 2016. Cover art all done by Student Editor Kevin Loumeau. to view in youtube, click here


Tuesday, June 28, 2016

MOre Yearbook Camp Experience 2016

Were you at camp? If so we are glad you made the commitment!
Are you interested to see what you missed? Watch this video and plan to not only go in 2017, stay in the dorms and make it a bonding experience.  Next years date TBA
Thanks Jamie Silver for all the great photos!


Friday, May 6, 2016

YEARBOOK STAFF - end of the year reflection

It is time to reflect on the year and plan for next year. Thanks to the adviser from Libertyville High School for this reflection assignment, she said the suggestions by the staff were helpful in her planning.

Yearbook Reflection
  1. Reflect on your performance, your team’s performance, and the class/club as a whole.
  2. What could be improved for next year?
  3. What went well?
  4. What was a struggle?
  5. What did you enjoy most about the class/club?
  6. What ideas do you have for yearbook in the future?
  7. Reflect on the performance of the editorial staff.
  8. TWO FULL PAGES, double spaced, Arial 12 pt font

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