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Image Editing functionality for HJeDesign 
These powerful, intuitive tools give users the ability to do the type of image edits which are popular in yearbooks without having to learn new software. The functionality promotes creativity, and allows users to experiment to a greater extent than is available with other online image editing offerings.

Users can easily create cut-out backgrounds, apply color splashes (selective coloring), apply B&W, sepia and duotone effects, fix red eye, and adjust the exposure of the image without leaving eDesign.

Compound path for eDesign and Adobe InDesign - CLICK HERE


eDesign continues to enhance the overall yearbook creation experience. Below are the latest new features that are now available.

Express Submit: submit all of your finished pages/spreads to the plant at once.

Filtering messages on the Homepage: messages that have been loaded since the last logon are in bold typeface, making it easy to see if you have new messages.

Advanced Search: search by page type in the Ladder. A new advanced search allows multiple combinations of search terms.

Secret means Secret: In the Library, images saved on a secret spread are marked as secret.

Rotate: rotate unused images counterclockwise, multiple library images can also be rotated at once.

In the Book View: there are filters to show each page type in the Ladder, as well as an advanced search that allows multiple combinations of search terms.


HJeDesign does the following- make sure you are up on all the latest features
Practice Pages: there is a button at the top of the ladder that takes users to a practice spread where they can practice design without impacting the book pages. If they decide to keep the design, they can save it as a template and use it anywhere in the actual book pages.

Keywords Panel: the Library has a dedicated keywords panel, so users can see all keywords and the number of photos they are assigned to. The list can also be filtered, and is searchable by clicking.

Page Design: the default proxy point is the center point! That means rotation will occur around the center by default. If you preferred the old upper-left rotation, it can be changed back at any time by clicking the upper left point (or any other corner as well).

Character Styles can be created by advisers in the Page Design view, as well as in the Index Builder.

Portrait Flow wizard! The ability to track and manage flows. Portrait flows can be given a name and the settings can be edited or copied to other flows. Choose to flow before the portraits even arrive, using placeholders. No more calculations to determine how many pages a flow will require. The customer simply picks the number of placeholders and flows. Then, the flow can be edited when the actual portraits are uploaded by the photographer, school, or plant. The page margins and spacing can be customized for each flow, allowing more control of flow spacing. A live preview shows exactly what the first spread of the flow will look like. No more manually deleting page after page if a mistake is made. Simply edit the flow to change what is needed!

Page Navigation Options: Within the page edit view, there are “Previous” and “Next” arrows that allows the customer to move from spread to spread, without returning to the ladder. There is also an “All Pages” menu that allows you to navigate to a whole different spread, if desired.

Compounding Shapes: This advanced design feature gives eDesign users the ability to combine multiple closed shapes/paths on the page. Similar to InDesign’s “Compound Path” feature, multiple shapes can be combined, and then images inserted. Please see the Help topic “Compounding Shapes” for more info.

Portrait Flow: eDesign advisers can zip and upload the contents of a PSPA CD, It is no longer required to mail the CD to the plant to load portraits! There is a new portrait printout that is much more like a plant “Directory Proof”, but on 8.5”x11” paper. Use the advanced search or data sort to make your own directory proof. For example, you could search for all the 1st grade, then sort by Teacher name, and print the result.

The Image Library “dimensions”: column now displays the pica dimensions at 300 PPI, as a guideline. This will allow the staff to easily distinguish a large dominant photo from smaller ones.

Image uploads: Minimized to run in the background by clicking the “minus sign” at the top of the upload window. This allows you to work while uploading.

Book Setup: Page margins for all spreads in the book can be adjusted under Preferences. This setting has a visual impact and can be combined with column settings to create a modular grid-based design canvas. But it also impacts the flow area for Portrait Flow and Index Builder! That’s right: adjusting the page margins allows a larger area for either of the flow wizards.

Additional key commands have been added, as well as a reminder tooltip for each! The shortcut additions are listed below. For a complete list of eDesign key commands, and a printable PDF, see the Help topic.

Shortcut: Too mant to list:)

World Yearbook Templates: These allow the staff to create pages that match the design of the World Yearbook supplement!

Delete Rules for Staff: Staff users can only delete images and templates they uploaded or created themselves.

Editors Permissions: refer to the help menu in HJeDesign to see a list of what Editors can do.

Index Builder: Not sure where the videos are? In the eDesign Help, click “eDesign Videos” in the topic list at the bottom left. There is also a link from the “What’s New” page. Within the list, you’ll find two videos: “Index Builder Wizard – Managing Names” and “Index Builder Wizard – Flowing Index”.

You can watch short videos or search help topics

videos available- CHECK THEM OUT
Online Webinars and Tips

Colorizing Photos using Picnik
eDesign Quick Tours
The Home Page
Library Manager
and Book View
Moving Spreads
Page Design
Staff Setup
Ladder Setup
Upload Portrait CD
Upload to the Libraries
Viewing Page History
Preflight Checking,
Proofing, and Submitting
Text on a Path
Pen Tool
Using 3rd Party Photo Editors
Using Picnik to Edit Photos
Introduction to
Photo Editing
Using Picnik for
Red-Eye Correction
& Creative Editing
Portrait Flow Series
Using the New Portrait Flow Wizard
Uploading Your Portrait Disk
Proofing Portraits and Names
Portrait Flow Wizard
Additional Features
Using the New Index Builder Wizard
Managing the Name List
Generate and Flow Index
Generating and Placing an Index (old version)
Index Builder Setup
Create Index Template
Generate and Place Index



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